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Intro- We Do Reviews

Here at Shroom Lamp we pride ourselves in making the most entertaining game reviews on the net. We don't own a company or anything just our system consoles and games so our reviews unfortunatly are limited. Sorry for our tendencies to lean into games that are alike. There will be many Sqare-Enix games and RPGs. We DO NOT OWN any of these companies, characters ,etc. all of these belong to their rightfull owners just to clear that up front and foremost. We hope you enjoy yourselves at our site and would appreciate any questions or comments. Thanks.

Site Updates

Happy 4th of July everybody, hope everyone has lots of firework fun. -Travis 7/4/06

Tips of the week

Dragon Quest 8- When you buy stuff in a shop, always have one of each class your characters can use. Like Yangun, he can use clubs, axes, and scythes. Always keep the best of each, some weapons become better to use in different situations.

Resident Evil 4- If you shoot a enemy's head off and a tentacle comes out, use a flashbang grenade. Not only does it kill them, it saves ammo which you might need later on.

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New Section on our Website

We have now added a new section to our website, Cheats. Go check the Whats New section for more.

Behind the Scenes!!!

Be looking for a new poll that we will be doing monthly. Also be looking for some pictures put up and slide shows made and lots of game reviews. We will also be updating pretty much everything to the site, so come back often and find out what is new.

P.S. Don't click the button. It will kill a frog somewhere in the world. You don't want that to happen now do you?