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Word to the Wise

Here is where we place our Game Reviews. Now keep in mind that these reviews are our opinions, and we respect other people's opinions.

Mark's Reviews

Final Fantasy VII (7)-

*MIRACLE*Ahhh... The legendary Playstation miracle. Everyone knows it, everyone loves it. Do I really need to make ANOTHER review for it? No. But here I go. *BEAUTY* As the first Final Fantasy title for the three dimensional world, this was indeed a production. Yeah ok, looking back at it now may make it seem extremely primitive but for it's time... this was a masterpiece. *PASSION* Not only did it wield wonderfull graphics (again, for the time period) it also portrayed a beautiful story of a mind warped, spikey haired, ex-SOLDIER, lab experiment with freak-show friends and also happened to be in a never ending (ok maybe) love triangle. Ahh.. a classic indeed. With twists and turns at every cut sceen, you never knew what would die/ spawn/ explode/ flash-back/ happen next. *CORRUPTION* Great graphics, great story, and of course the Greatest Villain of All Time. Yes my friends, I speak of Sephiroth, The One Winged Angel, who will go down in history as the RPG badass (at least in my book) wielding the sword of every ninja/game-nerd's dreams, The Masamune. Ah yes, this baby slay dragons of any size, this baby could open sodas like magic, difficult to open pickle jars NO MORE. Cute, seemly innocent little girls casting Holy on you and ruining your world domination? I think not! Oh no.. not with this slice of heaven.*POWER* Even the battle system was a plus. What better way to learn magic than to insert shinny crystalized life-stream orbs called Materia into conveniatly located slots on your weapons and armour? Wait... What?..... What do you mean your Materia has been stolen?....Female ninja with short hair?... Damnit Yuffie...*SEQUEL* The ever-delayed movie sequel is also a must see for all you fans (I myself have seen it in Japanese w/ subtitles). Trust me guys. You liked the game. You'll love the movie. Thanks for reading. -Mark

Score: 5/5

Super Mario 64- comming soon...


Travis's Reviews

Final Fantasy VIII (8)-
Ok, im a great fan of the final fantasy, im probaly the biggest ff fan out there, and im pretty sure that every person has said that quote i just said. But really, im a big fan of final fantasy and love playing the games, this was my first final fantasy game i played. So, no surprise i went in with high expectations. This final fantasy game was different. By different i meant it had useless draw/junction system. Come on, i loved the materia system from ff7, cant we keep that. I understand that they need to change stuff up...but doing so made things difficult. Im not saying its THAT bad, i kinda like it...but when all my other characters have 2 summons and Squall has about 13...ya. Its not a bad game though, i love the story. Whats a FF game without the story, am i right? It had great gameplay, with some awesome fmv's. I loved the music, but the draw system drug it down. Why do we have monsters that level up with us? I love the satisfaction of running to an enemy and obliterating it. I liked using money that i got by walking (what the heck...who is searching around the world trying to give u a big paycheck) but couldn't use it because u cant buy magic, let alone weapons. Lets face it, no one is going to get every magazine, which is a shame, seeing as its vital you get these if you want to do great damage. I know i express the games flaws here, but i hope everyone understands, this is my favorite game series, and these flaws really hurt the game. If you can overlook these, then you will have a great time. I still had a great time, i just didnt have as much as with 7 or any others. -Travis

Score: 4.5/5

Hack//Infection (Part 1)


So your excited. You are holding the copy of the best selling mmorpg thats ever been realised. You never played online games like this before, and you dont know why, but you heard about it at school from your best friend. Like any kid, you decide to try it and and make a name for yourself and agree to meet your friend. What would happen if your best friend fell victim to a coma? You were playing, having a great time then all of a sudden, you are attacked by a strong enemy that shouldnt be in a low level area. You get out by luck: System Error. It kicked you offline, but your friend wasnt so lucky and got obliterated. The one thing i love about this series is its story. Its a great concept: a mmorpg that isnt big or online, but its simulated. The entire story is you meeting people who come and go at times and finding the truth out of the web of lies that has been strung around you. Lets talk about Graphics though. The graphics aren't the best in the world. They look like early ps2 days, and sometimes you think they could of done a little better. Lets face it though...all of the random dungeons that you can create, there are literaly thousands to choose from. The gameplay is good also, you have a battle system where you control your character only, but you can give orders to your other party members. Only flaw is plagued with every multi-part game series out there. Seeing as its the 1st game in the series, it starts off slow. You end the game with more questions than when you started. It could of featured more action in the story instead of introducing all the characters and getting the basics off. To get the full story, you have to play all the games in the series, and seeing as they are $20 and below, it shouldnt be that hard to find. Be warned...the game will end with a cliffhanger. -Travis

Score: 4/5


.Hack//Mutation (Part 2)

So you have finished part 1, great. Now you are ready for part 2, which is a completly better game than the 1st one. First of all, lots more action and cutscenes and learn more stuff about the World and other things. Plus more characters to form that ultra-party you always wanted to make. There isn't much more to say than the last game. The same flaws apply to this game here, but they included the best minigame: Grunty Racing. Train then race your grunties in matches and win HP and MP bonus items. Just also watch out with virus core fetching. I believe i had a bit difficulty getting the ones i want. Just store up on A's, B's and C virus cores. Trust me-Travis

Score: 4.5/5

.Hack//Outbreak (Part 3)

Now...was this a bit dissapointing after the 2nd game. It seems this is when the action starts to slow down a bit while your giving more story and finding out more about your characters. Want to know who BlackRose has been fighting for and her history, look no further and get that history! Want Balmung to finally trust you, play this game! Though i would like to know who's idea was to have Balmung join you near the end of the series, he should of been playable in part 2 at least, but oh well. This has also one of my biggest improvements: another Axe-wielder. No more of listening to "He of Fair Eyes" person's crappy field music. The 3rd title isnt bad by no means, its just less than what i was used to. This is a title though to check out, to get yourself ready for the 4th installment. -Travis

Score: 4/5


.Hack//Quarintine (Part 4)

Here it is, the final installment of the series. A lot of questions rise up at the moment: Was this game worth it? Was it worth putting all the cash down to get to this moment? Well here is a shocker to everyone: Its worth it. This IS IT. The best in the series. As the conclusing is narrowing closer and closer at every dungeon, you fight desperatly to find out whats going on in the world. You dont want the servers to be shut down, that means death to all the coma patients. That includes Orca! This is the game where you finally know everything about every party member. Don't forget to become great friends with affection levels. Have them all at 1000 before you end the game, you learn more about your characters. They all send you an email after you get 1000 when u beat the game. This also comes up with the great item hunt game. You have to find every item in the game and show them. If completed you will a great prize they say. So was it worth the wait? I say it was. This closes out the series, and does a great job doing it. -Travis

Score: 5/5